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Home Contracting Services

In addition to installing a wide range of residential and commercial flooring, the experts at Lindberg Flooring also offer a wide range of home contracting services. After all, if your going to be replacing your flooring, why not give the whole room a fresh new look?

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Installation & Renovation Services

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Shower and Tub Rebuilds

Sheetrock Repair and Texturing

Interior and Exterior Painting

Wood or Laminate Staircases

Solid Wood Flooring and Wood Floor Refinishing

Full Service Reconstruction
Need Labor Only?

Carpet Installations Starting at 37 Cents a square foot.

Vinyl Installation Starting at 99 Cents a square foot.

Tile Installations Starting at $3.35 a square foot.

Laminate Installations Starting at $2.09 a square foot.

Wood Installations Starting at $3.35 a square foot.

Wood and Tile Removal $1.75 a square foot.

Laminate and Vinyl Removal 75 cents a square foot.