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Our History

Our History

Mike Lesser, CEO of Lindberg Flooring, entered the flooring industry after serving over 20 years in the Real Estate industry and continues to hold his Brokers License in the State of Texas. As a Realtor, Mike understands the needs of buyers and sellers to buy the 'correct' flooring at an affordable price when deciding to buy or sell their home. This knowledge has made him a major source for Realtor's and Investors alike for there flooring needs.

Mike began his flooring career, really as a side business, toting a few carpet samples into rental and resale homes for realtors and home investors. He was and still is a traveling salesman, still toting his samples, but not just carpet. As a descendant of immigrant grand parents, Mike understood the value of hard work. He also understood the value of family, having worked with his father building homes in his younger days. For many years, his son's worked at his side, building Lindberg Flooring into where we are today.

Over the years Lindberg Flooring has transitioned with the times and worked diligently to stay in business in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Our staff has changed with these transitions but our most loyal tradesmen are still with us today. Without them we would just be another flooring store, hiring anyone with some experience but no investment in their trade or the future of Lindberg Flooring.

Mike is still involved in the operations of the business with aspirations of semi-retirement in the future. Our goal is to open more locations in the Houston metro area to better serve our customers. Flooring stores have not held the best reputation in honest business practices but we, at Lindberg Flooring, want to make a difference by operating with the same integrity and diligent work ethics that have made us who we are today.

Our thanks goes out to all the people behind the scenes and all the people who support us so we can make sure you, our customer, can say "A Job Well Done!"