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Selecting flooring for your home or business can be a daunting task so hiring a professional is the best place to start. Lindberg Flooring is a good place to get the expertise you seek and the quality you expect at a price that is affordable. Our roots began in the flooring industry more than 29 years ago, operating under the concept of honesty and integrity with superior customer service. Our trades people have been a part of our team as long as 24 years with a lifetime of experience in their trade. 
We won't settle for less so you don't have to!

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Residential & Commercial Carpet
Residential and Commercial Carpet

    Carpet is the most affordable flooring and if selected based on lifestyle and function, it can last for many years to come. Don't be fooled by fancy labels or high cost designer names. Carpet is not all that complicated and a quality pad can make an inexpensive carpet feel like you paid more for it than you actually did.

    When shopping for carpet, there are two factors that determine the price. The type of fiber used and the bulk of that fiber. The more expensive it is to produce the fiber, the higher the price and the more fiber that goes into creating the bulk, the higher the price. Of course there are better qualities of yarn than others with pro's and con's of each type. Just like most things...paying more doesn't always mean better. 

Engineered & Solid Wood Flooring
Engineered and Solid Wood Flooring

    Investing in wood flooring is an investment that will last for years to come and only a seasoned professional can help you wade through the mountain of choices and options to consider. Making that choice is more than deciding on the price you want to pay and the look you want to consider. It's about making the choice that works with the way you live and if every member in your family can enjoy it. 

    We often hear stories about homeowners making wrong choices in flooring because not all factors were considered. A large dog can destroy a beautiful wood floor in a very short amount of time. Does this mean it's not a good idea if pets are present? No. It means a distressed wood floor might be a better option than one that has a high sheen and smooth surface. 

    Most of us want to feel comfortable in our home and our flooring is in constant use - some areas more than others. Lindberg Flooring can help you make the right choice at the right price that will add value to your home without sacrificing style and function. We have many wood flooring suppliers to choose from and trained staff to assist you, from the selection process to the installation process. 

Wood Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring

    Laminate wood flooring is beautiful and tough. Great for active families and more resistant to scratching than wood flooring in high traffic areas. Easy to maintain too! Laminate flooring used to be cheap looking plastic flooring but with today's technology it really is had to tell the difference.

    Higher priced laminate doesn't mean better quality when it comes to laminate flooring. More often than not, cost has more to do with warranties than it does with better construction. Although there are some laminate flooring with improved features like more water resistant features, they can still be damaged in wet areas.

    Lindberg Flooring offers an array of laminate flooring to choose from and the best part is the price. Visit our showroom to get a feel for the style and features you are looking for in laminate flooring. 

    Overwhelmed by choices? Don't worry. Our staff designer can help you narrow down the choices, making it easier to make the right choice. Still not sure? Feel free to take a few samples home. We want to make sure you are going to love your new flooring.

Porcelain, Stone and Ceramic Tile

    Tile is one of the most versatile products when it comes to aesthetics and function. However, if it is poorly installed, no matter how much you paid for it, the results will be disappointing. Installing tile truly is an art form that is best left to the skilled hands of a perfectionist in his field. Lindberg Flooring has the skilled trades with the know how to create the end result that you will be proud to display.

    Not all tiles are created equal. In most cases, the cheaper the tile, the cheaper the quality. Ever wonder why the grouted area is so much wider with some tile applications than others? Usually this has more to do with the variations in the individual tiles not being identical in size, requiring the need for wide grout lines to conceal these imperfections. 

    Our tile installation services include back splashes, tub surrounds, fireplace surrounds, and shower stalls along with residential and commercial flooring. No job is too big or too small. Our tile selections are from quality manufacturers with hundreds of choices in style, color and sizes. However, if you have found the perfect tile from another supplier, we will install that too. Visit our Home Contracting Services page for labor prices only. We are here to help.

Vinyl Plank & Tile

Vinyl Plank and Tile Flooring

    Vinyl flooring has been revived! It is no longer just for kitchens and baths. Vinyl has expanded it's horizon's to include high traffic residential and commercial applications and is perfect for rental properties. With the textured finishes and plank applications it can replicate wood in places you would never consider before. 

    Vinyl is also a practical choice when it comes to vinyl planks or tiles. With a glued down application a damaged piece can be easily removed and replaced without having to replace the entire floor. Many of our investors are replacing the main living areas of their rental properties with vinyl flooring to reduce the expense of new carpeting every few years. 

    You may have even noticed that public places like medical facilities and restaurants are using vinyl plank flooring for the warm appeal of wood and the low cost of maintenance. It's also warm to the touch and has very high insulation benefits. You really can't go wrong with vinyl flooring. 

    You will appreciate the price as well. Lindberg Flooring has cost as low as $2.25 a square foot installed with free carpet removal included! Best value flooring installed by highly experienced tradesmen at a price comparable to carpet.